TideFest Fine Arts & Crafts Celebration Vendor List - Gig Harbor, WA

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Village Crafts-

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I make Oyster Shell and Driftwood Santas. I make collages of Snowmen and Santas on tree stumps. I use air dry clay, mortar, shells. tiles and glass to embellish my work

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Solid Rock Memorials and Gifts

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Price range is $12 - $215.00 for a custom engraved x-large rock.

We will sell pre-engraved rock and slate items from the booth and take order for custom pieces.

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Sea Basket Farm

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We create unique baskets, rattles and wall hangings and centerpieces out of kelp and driftwood. We also grow, wrap and braid our own herbs for smudging, i.e white sage, buffalo sweet, grass etc. We make ceremonial feather fans, grow and sell organic catnip and lavender.

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Paulas Soaps

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All natural handmade soaps, bath bombes, salves, body butters, etc. Some packaged as personal care gift items. I use the finest herbal ingredients and aim to gently, effectively clean and care for skin, while pleasing the senses with scents and color.