TideFest Fine Arts & Crafts Celebration Vendor List - Gig Harbor, WA

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Able Wood Design

Wood - Visit Website

I make high-end functional and artistic wood pieces for the home and as great gift ideas.

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KND Woodworking

Wood - Visit Website

I make a variety of home furnishings i.e. cutting boards, cheese boards, pizza peels, trivets, cup holders, candle holders and table lamps. Each is hand made from carefully selected hardwoods. My prices range from $15 for cup holders to $1000 for my most expensive table lamp. I sell mostly cutting boards in the $100-$250 range.

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Nets by Gill

Wood - Visit Website

We build custom wooden fishing nets using domestic and exotic lumber. Prices range from $75 to $250.

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Pepspin Lathe Products

Wood - Visit Website

Lathe products Pepper Mills, Pizza Cutters, Bottle Openers, Bottle Stops, Acrylic Lighted Signs and other products.

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Muddy Mammoth

Pottery - Visit Website

I make functional wheel thrown pottery including soap dispensers, birdhouses, planters, bowls, mugs, tumblers, etc. My items range in price from $8-$80, most is around $20-40

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Shelly Corbett Photography

Photography - Visit Website

I combine my original photography of toys in realistic situations with encaustic wax, pastels & oils. I also add surface interest by adding additional layers of photography or carving into the wax surface. All these details give a painterly feel to the traditional photograph. Each piece is a unique two dimensional wall piece. My prices range from $95-$485.

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Apple Cox Design

Mixed Media - Visit Website

original paintings, limited edition prints, and cards produced by internationally known, northwest based artist illustrator ranging in price from $10 to $150.00

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Mixed Media - Visit Website

Art prints printed on recycled book pages.

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Landshark Imagery

Mixed Media - Visit Website

I do photography, wood burning with colored pencil (mixed media), and original digital art (hand drawn on iPad). Photography and digital art prints range from $15-50 (matted, but not framed). Wood burnings with colored pencil range from $75-300.

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Lindee Lou

Mixed Media - Visit Website

We do custom laser engraved / cut work. Signs, decor, gifts. We work in a variety of mediums from wood to acrylics to leather. Our prices range from $15 to $125

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Muffet Designs Postage Stamp Art

Mixed Media - Visit Website

I create postage stamp collage art out of postage stamps from countries all over the world. This is hangable artwork. All are original - no prints. Prices range from $22 - $250.

View more about paperwings studio

paperwings studio

Mixed Media - Visit Website

i paint using oil paint and wax mixture on wood. i make reproductions in the form of cards and night lights and switchplates. $5 to $225

View more about Rock Art Imagery

Rock Art Imagery

Mixed Media - Visit Website

hand painted animals on river rocks
hand painted wild turkey feathers framed

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Scarletts Fairy Garden

Mixed Media - Visit Website

Handcrafted miniature twig fairy houses, princess dress up hats, mermaid dolls, unicorn hairbands, fairy dolls, fairy gardens, fairy accessories, miniature handmade non-edible sweets, small fairy beds, swings and chairs, hand painted glittery fairy wings, floral hair wreaths.

My items are priced from $1.00 to $60.00 and all suitable for kids and adults all ages.

View more about Yes Dear Creations

Yes Dear Creations

Mixed Media - Visit Website

$45 to $1500 I do unique 3 dimensional mosaics using stain glass and other peoples throw-a-ways.

View more about Art In Stone (AKA Redrummd Knives)

Art In Stone (AKA Redrummd Knives)

Miscellaneous - Visit Website

Stone Artwork with all of the stone works completed in my shop on Fox Island. Knife scales, earrings and necklace pendants. Over 3,250 knives sold with works carried by the 5 Jade West stores and by the NANA Corp., a Alaska native owned Corporation.. Necklace pendants start at $25.; earrings at $50. folding pocket knives start at $150. and 4 knife Kitchen sets go as high as $3,999.

View more about Paulas Soaps

Paulas Soaps

Miscellaneous - Visit Website

All natural handmade soaps, bath bombes, salves, body butters, etc. Some packaged as personal care gift items. I use the finest herbal ingredients and aim to gently, effectively clean and care for skin, while pleasing the senses with scents and color.

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Sea Basket Farm

Miscellaneous - Visit Website

We create unique baskets, rattles and wall hangings and centerpieces out of kelp and driftwood. We also grow, wrap and braid our own herbs for smudging, i.e white sage, buffalo sweet, grass etc. We make ceremonial feather fans, grow and sell organic catnip and lavender.

View more about Solid Rock Memorials and Gifts

Solid Rock Memorials and Gifts

Miscellaneous - Visit Website

Price range is $12 - $215.00 for a custom engraved x-large rock.

We will sell pre-engraved rock and slate items from the booth and take order for custom pieces.

View more about Village Crafts-

Village Crafts-

Miscellaneous - Visit Website

I make Oyster Shell and Driftwood Santas. I make collages of Snowmen and Santas on tree stumps. I use air dry clay, mortar, shells. tiles and glass to embellish my work

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Dragonwyck Design LLC

Metal - Visit Website

New info for 2021.
Adding some new information for 2020.

This is new 2019 information, please do not disregard..

View more about Hinshaws Art Quest

Hinshaws Art Quest

Metal - Visit Website

My patterns cut from steel with torch, detailed with grinder, heated with the torch to achieve colors. wall hangings indoor art. $45 - $800

View more about Designed By Meg

Designed By Meg

Jewelry - Visit Website

I make both wood and enamel jewelry, ranging in price from $15 - $19.50.

View more about Designs OverTime

Designs OverTime

Jewelry - Visit Website

I make handmade jewelry using semi precious stones and beads, fine silver, sterling silver and base metal ranging from $20 to $300.00

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Distracted Squirrel Studio

Jewelry - Visit Website

I handweave hundreds of individual metal rings in classic chainmaille techniques to create intricate patterns. My work is accented with paper beads (also made by me!), glass beads, and other items that have been repurposed, or redirected from the landfill. I use Argentium silver wire to make my own earwires.

My prices range from $12 for my simplest earrings to $100 for necklaces made with more complicated weaves.

View more about Forest Fancies

Forest Fancies

Jewelry - Visit Website

Forest Fancies transforms natural wonders into wearable treasures. We are lapidary artists creating one-of-a-kind jewelry out of stone and copper.

Using a technique called copper electroforming and focusing on lesser known gems - we have an earthy vibe that sets us apart from other vendors. Some of our favorite materials are gem dinosaur bone and mammoth teeth. We also lovingly curate specimens and incorporate antiquities into our jewelry like Celtic coins and neolithic beads.

View more about Isabel Mirabeau Jewelry Design

Isabel Mirabeau Jewelry Design

Jewelry - Visit Website

Antique-style necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, 100% made by me in my studio in Olalla, WA and featuring various semi-precious gemstones including turquoise, coral, pearl. My designs are a unique style that combines an antiqued European look with the ruggedness of the West. Also including hand-stamped, hand-painted & embossed metal patina pieces, as well as resin-encased antique prints with a very distinctive appearance.
Prices range from $18 for earrings through $125 for necklaces.

View more about Michaels Designs

Michaels Designs

Jewelry - Visit Website

I cut gemstones by hand using diamond lapidary equipment. I then create a precious metal setting for each unique stone to complete a piece of wearable art.

View more about Oregon Jewelry

Oregon Jewelry

Jewelry - Visit Website

I handcraft solid bronze, copper, and silver earrings, hair combs, hair barrettes, ornaments, rings, and bracelets. All items are hand forged, welded or soldered, pounded into shape and given a high shine. My prices range from $18 - $48.

View more about Stramora Studio

Stramora Studio

Jewelry - Visit Website

The main materials I use are 925 Sterling Silver, brass, copper, aluminum, resin, freshwater pearls, cubic zirconia, glass, crushed stones using the following
techniques: Smelting, metal rolling, saw piercing, metal filing, hammering, sanding, polishing, riveting, wirework, black patina,
texture and stone setting to develop my end product from start to finish.
The price range of the pieces are between $20.00 - $175.00.

View more about Woven Chains Jewelry

Woven Chains Jewelry

Jewelry - Visit Website

Trina and Travis use traditional techniques and tools to create jewelry. Mostly working in silver, with the addition of precious and semi precious stones, 14K Gold and 14k Gold filled, they forge and weave by hand, drawing inspiration from the natural and ancient world.

View more about Funky Fusion Fused Glass

Funky Fusion Fused Glass

Glass - Visit Website

Fun, Funky and Affordable Handmade Fused Glass Jewelry and small gift items. Large selection of one of a kind mini works of art. Prices range from $10 to $25. Most are $15 and $18.

View more about Mad Mosaics

Mad Mosaics

Glass - Visit Website

I fuse glass panels and frame them with vintage windows

View more about Studio Rynkiewicz

Studio Rynkiewicz

Glass - Visit Website

Hand made multilayered colorful blown glass art - vases, bowls, garden decorations, paperweights, ornaments. Prices are from $ 25.00 to $ 500.00

View more about Jeannes Designs Cottage in the Woods

Jeannes Designs Cottage in the Woods

Fabric - Visit Website


Home Decor Designer Pillows AND Quilted Totes in these styles and categories:
WA State Icon Collection
Garden Collection
OUR LATEST RELEASE FOR 2020 The National Park Collection in both Pillows and Totes!

Each pillow and/or quilted tote is designed uniquely and embellished with machine embroidery in our home studio

Price Range: $10.00 - $60.00