TideFest Fine Arts & Crafts Celebration Vendor List - Gig Harbor, WA - 25 Vendors

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We sell speciality coffee infused with gourmet lions mane mushrooms. We also sell mature and appropriate mushroom clothing, apparel and accessories that connect with mushroom enthusiasts.

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Fully handmade, organic, eco friendly hand and face scrubs. Various scents and sizes. All will be holiday themed and based. Price ranges from $5-$50 dependent on size and type.

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Rileys Spice of Life

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We blend our recipes of all natural seasonings to make 6 flavors of dried salsa seasonings, 5 BBQ rubs and a gourmet chili. Our prices range from $14-14.95

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Purdy Organics LLC

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Local and Organic Pickle products
9.99 to 15.00

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Pixies Potions

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All natural personal care products- deodorant, body butter, wound ointment, cbd rub, and much more! $2-$55

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Paulas Soaps

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All natural handmade soaps, bath bombes, salves, body butters, etc. Some packaged as personal care gift items. I use the finest herbal ingredients and aim to gently, effectively clean and care for skin, while pleasing the senses with scents and color.

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One Haiku

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We would like to sell gemstones in various forms: hand-cut/polished gemstone pieces, handmade toki necklaces, hand-carved/polished gem cabs & mini carvings and Amethyst plant stands. Wooden handmade/painted crystal grids. In addition we also offer services to promote at this event: Reiki, seer readings, intuition practice courses, children intuitive art classes

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Olive Branch - A Taste of Eden

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We are a 25 year old family gourmet foods business. We started in Gig Harbor as a bakery and we make 45 different sweet bread mixes, 24 flavors of infused Olive Oil, 50 flavors of Balsamic Vinegar and 28 different salt free Meal Blends all in our 2400 square foot facility in Fircrest, Washington.

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Northwest Spices

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We hand craft dried spice and vegetables to make dips and sauces with. They make great seasonings to cook with too. The best part is that they are all natural with no salt or sugar added, no MSG, and Gluten free

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Murder Hornet Hot Sauce

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We currently sell four delicious hot sauces, Honey Bourbon, Blood Orange Agave, Black Label, and Mango Verde. All of our sauces use fresh produce (never dried or frozen) sourced as close to home as possible. Were also all-natural, so youll never find added sugars, preservatives, or artificial coloring in any of our recipes. We sell our 5 oz bottles for $13/bottle and our 2 oz bottles for $7/per bottle (with discounts for purchase of multiple items).

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More Than Ordinary Lives

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My husband and I are Washington authors. We will be vending our novels. Our novels range from $10 - $15.

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Luther Leather

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Quality leather goods handcrafted with pride. Hand-stitched satchels, belts, bracelets, totes, wallets, and weekenders. Varied color, texture, and heft let me express my creative self with a wide variety of goods.
Prices range from: $10-$400

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Island Coffee Company LLC

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Freshly roasted coffee
1 lb bags - ground or whole bean $17
5 oz sample bags - ground only $7
4 - 5oz bags for $25
4 - 1 lb. bags for $55

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inkpen design

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I am a multi-media artist and have been focusing on pottery, quilting/quilt clothing and watercolor this year. I would bring a mix of these items to TideFest. My prices range from $20-$200 for pottery (depending on the piece and size), $15-$175 for watercolor pieces (depending on original pieces vs prints), and $100-175 for quilts/quilted coats. I can also create specialized ornaments and holiday gifts too.

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In Nature Designs

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Nature inspired original artwork/pen & watercolor on art tiles, Mosaics trivets, coasters, greeting cards, aprons,tote bags,mousepads, lacquer boxes with tile inset on hinged lid.
Prices range from $10-$60

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Holloway Farms

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Our families small business handcrafts high quality jelly, jam and Apple butter.

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Hitotsu World LLC

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Hand-drawn stickers $5
Hand-drawn keychains $15
Hand-made totes $30+

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Fox Island Trading Co.

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We offer handcrafted organics such as soaps, bath and body products, skincare, mens grooming and shaving products of which ingredients used are regionally sourced whenever possible. We also offer products such as our lip balms made from the honey and beeswax of our very own hives.

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Essential Hopes

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Our product ranges from our lip balm selling at $3 to our Bath salt teabags selling @ $15 or our candles selling from our mini bubble candle selling at $5 to our pillar candle selling at $15
we all have bath bombs, soaps, body scrubs, lotions bars, beard oil, bubble bath and makeup remover wipes.

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Dragonwyck Design LLC

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Providing design and hosting services for Tidefest!

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Citrine and Sage

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I hand make essential oil blends, infused with crystals, and affirmations are printed on the bottle. They are plant based ways to support mood, mindset, and emotions.

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Caasi Lee designs

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PNW inspired Ocean resin functional art. From jewelry and accessories to serving trays and home decor. My designs focus on our beautiful mountains and Puget sound. Prices range from $20 to $200

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Bower & Bare

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Natural and clean, home, bath & body products, all handmade by myself and my husband, Mark Geist, in Gig Harbor. We make candles, wax melts, bath soaks, aromatherapy products and more.

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I make homemade bath bombs, lotion, CBD bathbombs, topical pain reliever, soap bath salts
Pricing is $5, $10, $20,$40

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Bee and Bow Wreath Co

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One of a kind artificial floral wreaths for all occasions and seasons. Pricing varies but range from $100-$250.