TideFest Fine Arts & Crafts Celebration Vendor List - Gig Harbor, WA

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Village Crafts-

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I make Oyster Shell and Driftwood Santas. I make collages of Snowmen and Santas on tree stumps. I use air dry clay, mortar, shells. tiles and glass to embellish my work

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Uniquk Gifts and Handicrafts

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100% handmade arts & crafts, Wooden Hand sculptures, wire art, Wooden animal figurines, Stone art, wire Art, Masks, Drums, baskets

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Sea Basket Farm

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We create unique baskets, rattles and wall hangings and centerpieces out of kelp and driftwood. We also grow, wrap and braid our own herbs for smudging, i.e white sage, buffalo sweet, grass etc. We make ceremonial feather fans, grow and sell organic catnip and lavender.

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Rileys Spice of Life

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We blend our recipes of all natural seasonings to make 6 flavors of dried salsa seasonings, 5 BBQ rubs and a gourmet chili. Our prices range from $14-14.95

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Purdy Organics LLC

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Local and Organic Pickle products
9.99 to 15.00

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Pixies Potions

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All natural personal care products- deodorant, body butter, wound ointment, cbd rub, and much more! $2-$55

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Paulas Soaps

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All natural handmade soaps, bath bombes, salves, body butters, etc. Some packaged as personal care gift items. I use the finest herbal ingredients and aim to gently, effectively clean and care for skin, while pleasing the senses with scents and color.

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Northwest Spices

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We hand craft dried spice and vegetables to make dips and sauces with. They make great seasonings to cook with too. The best part is that they are all natural with no salt or sugar added, no MSG, and Gluten free

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Murder Hornet Hot Sauce LLC

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We are a local hot sauce company based in the Seattle area. We have three delicious hot sauces made with fresh ingredients and bottled right here in Tacoma. MH has become very popular in the short time weve been in business (since Sept. 2021) and can be found in over 25 states. We also have been showcased on Q13 News!

Both my business partner, Kevin, and I attended GHHS and graduated in 2003. We are definitely familiar with this great event!

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Luther Leather

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Quality leather goods handcrafted with pride. Satchels, belts, bracelets, totes, wallets, and backpacks all hand-stitched by me. Varied color, texture, and heft let me express my creative self with a wide variety of goods.
Prices at a broad stroke: $6-15 bracelets, $35-50 wallets, $50-75 belts, $70 satchels, $100-180 totes, $250-300 weekender bags and $400 backpacks.

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Fox Island Trading Co.

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We offer handcrafted organics such as soaps, bath and body products, skincare, mens grooming and shaving products of which ingredients used are regionally sourced whenever possible. We also offer products such as our lip balms made from the honey and beeswax of our very own hives.

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Citrine and Sage

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I hand make essential oil blends, infused with crystals, and affirmations are printed on the bottle. They are plant based ways to support mood, mindset, and emotions.

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I make homemade bath bombs, bubble bath bars, lotion, CBD bathbombs, topical pain reliever, soap.
Pricing is $5, $10, $20,$40

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Bastinellis Gourmet Sauces

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I produce gourmet authentic pasta sauces. I feature a Marinara and Sweet Onion Basil. I features Yakima Valley Wine and local produce including Washington State (Walla Walla) Sweet Onions. My prices are $12 a jar or 2 for $22.