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Smiling Zen

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all my artwork are 100% handmade by me.

i spent almost 20 years photographing wildflowers that are naturally shaped like alphabet letters. i print these wildflower letters onto wood panel and cut each one individually. customers can spell their names/words in wildflower alphabets.

i also use these wildflower alphabets to create art prints into 12x16 size. i print these images, cut my own mattes, and assemble each one.

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Shelly Corbett Photography

Photography - Visit Website

I combine my original photography of toys in realistic situations with encaustic wax, pastels & oils. I also add surface interest by adding additional layers of photography or carving into the wax surface. All these details give a painterly feel to the traditional photograph. Each piece is a unique two dimensional wall piece. My prices range from $95-$485.